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    The Tennessee Jury Verdict Reporter

     The Most Current and Complete Summary of Tennessee Jury Verdicts

Since 2004 the Tennessee Jury Verdict Reporter has chronicled civil jury verdicts across the state including both state and federal court. We also publish the Year in Review compendium – it’s been described as “essential” summarizing and distilling jury verdict results.

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The 5-2006 Issue

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The 12-2005 Issue

The 9-2005 Issue

The 8-2005 Issue

The 7-2005 Issue

The 6-2005 Issue

The 5-2005 Issue

The 4-2005 Issue

The 3-2005 Issue

The 2-2005 Issue

The 1-2005 Issue

The 12-2004 Issue

The 11-2004 issue

The 10-2004 issue       (In Adobe Format)

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The 2018 Tennessee book is done – 14th edition. We are looking at the largest personal injury verdicts in Tennessee in the last ten years.

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Have you seen the Verdict Reporter lately? We’ve published continuously since 2004.

The November 2019 Preview

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The 2018 Year in Review has been published this month.  The 14th Edition has all the analysis and every verdict (200-plus) we wrote last year.  If you try or settle cases, this volume needs to be in your library. 

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About the Tennessee Jury Verdict Reporter

The Tennessee Jury Verdict Reporter is a different kind of jury verdict reporting service. No other jury verdict publisher in the country does its own research. Our staff travels throughout the state every month uncovering jury verdict results.

Which cases merit coverage in the Tennessee Jury Verdict Reporter? Editorially, that distinction is not made. Instead, we write about every civil jury verdict, statewide, that we can uncover. If a jury panel returns with a verdict, we think it’s important and we’ll write about it.

What goes into writing our summaries? We rely first and foremost on the court record and file exhibits. In so doing, we attempt to include as much information as possible, including the age and gender of the plaintiff, both versions of the incident in question, the claimed injury, treating doctors, IME opinions, jury questions, post-trial motions, and anything else we can uncover.

Do we only write about verdicts from Tennessee’s largest cities? Of course those cases are important, but we report verdicts from all over, including in the first issue, an airbag products case from Hickman County and a nursing home negligence verdict from Monroe County.

Besides being as comprehensive and detailed as possible in writing our reports,  the Tennessee Jury Verdict Reporter also endeavors to be timely. It is our intention that in most cases, you’ll be reading about these verdicts for the first time -- for those that aren’t, we think our detailed analysis is essential reading.

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