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The AJVR 2002 Year in Review

What’s in the Year in Review?

Why should you care?

The 310 pp. book answers all of the following questions (among many more):

(1) How frequently do plaintiffs win medical cases?

(2) When they win, what are the average awards?

(3) What is the average loss of consortium award?

(4) How did punitive damage awards vary by case type, i.e., discrimination, drunk driving and worker’s compensation retaliation, among others?

(5) Which attorneys tried the most cases? Which firms? Which judges?

(6) How many verdicts exceeded a million dollars? How were they sorted by case type and county?

(7) Which jury questions were asked?

(8) How many death cases were tried? How many did plaintiffs win?

All these questions are treated in this one-of-a-kind comprehensive volume

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