What's the Alabama Jury Verdict Reporter?

Here's the scoop on what the AJVR is all about

When's it published?    The Alabama Jury Verdict Reporter is published monthly.

What's included?    The AJVR covers just one thing -- Civil Jury Verdicts.

Which jury verdicts?    Good question.  Almost all of em.  Every jury verdict.  We know we miss some, but we never fail to include a story on a verdict that we know about.  We estimate that we cover more  than 90% of the trial results in Alabama.  Have you tried a case?  Let us know.

How frequently is it published?    Once a month, twelve times a year.

What's in a case report?    Each report summarizes the parties, county, case number, judge, attorneys, plus a detailed description of the facts of the case.  We put a special focus on tort cases.  For a sample of our writing, see sample Alabama verdicts.

What's the Year in Review?    The 2002 AJVR Year in Review summarizes all our work from 2002, including 495 jury verdict results.  For more information, see the AJVR Year in Review.

How do I subscribe?    Annual subscriptions are $140.00 per year.  To subscribe, you have two options.  Either call us toll-free at 1-877-313-1915 to pay by credit card or return a check with a cover letter to The Alabama Jury Verdict Reporter, 9462 Brownsboro Road, No. 133, Louisville, KY 40241.

More Questions

Call us toll-free at 1-877-313-1915.  An editor would be happy to talk to you.

You may also e-mail us at Info@juryverdicts.net