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We are reporting today on the $12,251,178 Toyota roll-over case returned in Hattiesburg last night. Will Graves v. Toyota.  [It is in the March 2012 issue which is now out.] Joe Sam Owen and Robert Myers, Jr. from Gulfport (Owen Galloway & Myers) for the plaintiff.  David Ayers and Jennifer Rogers (Watkins & Eager) are the local counsel in MS, joined by James Halbrooks of Bowman & Brooke. See a preview of our report immediately.


Any cases getting tried this month?  Let us know at  We are hitting all over MS next week from the Delta to the Coast.  Send in your tips.


$2.3 million dollar verdict returned last week in Pearl River County.  Page v. Mitchell Crane Service.  Harry Tyner for the plaintiff.  Details coming soon.


Defense verdict returned in LaFarge v. Kyker yesterday afternoon.  You can read our sneak preview of the verdict report.


Have you tried a case lately?  Let us know about it.  Use this reporting form or simply e-mail our founder with details at


$553,000 medical verdict this week in Jackson in a back surgery case gone wrong.  Precious Martin and Wes Fulgham for the plaintiff.  Whitman Johnson and Katrina Sandifer of Currie Johnson for the doctor.  You want the pre-trial order right?  We've got it.  The Pre-Trial Order.


The medical death case of LaFarge v. Kyker, Federal Court - Aberdeen, is ongoing right now.  Heart ablation procedure gone bad.  We've got the Pre-trial Order. Marc Amos and Philip Thomas for the plaintiff.  Robert and David Upchurch for the defendant electrophysiologist.


Mississippi Litigation Review, published by the very able Philip Thomas, has previewed our May 2011 edition today on his blog.  It is a daily must read.


The Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter is booked for the MAJ Convention in New Orleans on June 2nd and 3rd.  Come on by and say hello.  We look forward to meeting you.


This is how you start off a deposition.  If you are a bad bad man.  The transcript in PDF.


Right of way crash with an electric truck.  Plaintiff suffered a C-2 hangman's fracture.  Verdict in Tippah County of $60,500.  Less than the medical and lost wage specials.  The details coming in the May 2011 edition.


Plaintiff rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on I-10 near Biloxi.  Claimed wide-ranging neck and back pain that has left her disabled.  $1.132 million dollar verdict returned yesterday in federal court in Gulfport.  Kasie Braswell and Richard Taylor of Mobile, AL for plaintiff.  Bennie "Mac" May of Ridgeland for the trucking firm.  Curd v. Western Express.


$250,000 premises liability verdict returned on 3-15-11 in Tunica County.  Plaintiff fell in the buffet line at a casino and broke her elbow.  Medicals of $6,780.  Cushing v. Circus Circus.  Christopher Kittell of Merkel & Cocke, Clarksdale for the plaintiff.


The April 2011 issue has been published.  PDF has been delivered.  Print is coming in a few days.  April Preview (the first page and the table of contents)


Birth injury linked to error by an Ob-Gyn regarding a delayed delivery.  Proof of distressing fetal strip.  Defendant replied no evidence that fetal strip was troubling.  Defense verdict on 3-11-2011 in Oxford.  Clark v. Henderson.  William Walker, Oxford for plaintiff.  Tommie Williams and Clint Guenther, Greenwood for the doctor.


$2.01 million wind versus water verdict in Gulfport two weeks ago.  84-Unit condo destroyed in Pass Christian by Katrina. Penthouse Owners v. Lloyd's of London.  Don Barrett for plaintiff.  Whitman Johnson and lawyers for Atlanta for the insurer.  Secret pre-trial order filed, but the MS Jury Verdict Reporter has it.  The Secret Pre-trial Order [It is 239 pages]


The plaintiff tripped over a juniper bush on a dark path heading into the Silver Slipper Casino in Bay. St. Louis.  Tried as a bench trial before Judge Ozerden in Gulfport.  Verdict for the casino.  William Lee Guice, III, Rushing & Guice, Biloxi for the plaintiff.  Peter C. Abide, Currie Johnson of Biloxi for the casino.


The plaintiff alleged his wife became romantically involved with an orthopedist (George Russell) and that the relationship broke up his marriage.  Dr. Russell has since married the plaintiff's now ex-wife.  There was proof Russell and the woman had sex in the woods and on a park bench in Memphis.  $80,000 verdict in Madison County for the plaintiff.  Stephen Maggio for the plaintiff.  Dale Danks of Danks Miller & Cory for the defendant physician.


A Wal-Mart manager dragged a leaky bag with motor oil through the store.  Before he noticed the leak, the plaintiff slipped and suffered a serious knee injury.  Federal jury in Jackson returned a defense verdict.  Mike Farrell, Jackson for plaintiff.  Thomas Louis and Shanda Yates of Wells Marble & Hurst for Wal-Mart.


The February 2011 issue is out.  Are you subscribing?  You'd be reading all the verdicts and not just the preview if you were.


Traveling in the Delta today I took a wrong turn (I really did) and ended up driving by Parchman.  It was something to see, but once was enough.


Interesting verdicts today.  Prominent wife of a plaintiff's lawyer claimed a permanent injury from a minor car wreck.  The jury rejected her claim completely.  The defense argued she went into victim compensation mode, calling her husband from the scene and running up medicals for chiropractic care and even Pilates.  Coming in February 2011 issue.  Loyocano v. Travelers. Vicksburg.


The plaintiff fell 25 feet from a tree when his safety belt failed and his deer stand collapsed.  Serious injuries sustained.  $4.08 million verdict in the Delta.  Coming in the February 2011 issue.  Ouzts v. Simmons Archery. Cleveland.

**Extra on the Ouzts case.  Talking with the clerk in the Delta and she asked, "How high was dat tree?  Clerk answered, I wa'dnt up der?  She meant to say I wasn't upstairs in the courtroom but all thought she meant, she wasn't up in the tree.  Laugh out loud funny.


Finally a mainstream report on the Baker & McKenzie verdict from Jones County.  From the Chicago Tribune.


A preview of the December 2010 issue is available.  The complete issue will ship (via print or PDF) to subscribers in late November.  Click for the preview.


$103 million dollar verdict returned in Laurel, MS (Jones County) before Judge Billy Joe Landrum.  The case style is Evans v. Baker & McKenzie, 2008-979-CV11 (the 3,000 lawyer law firm) and apparently targeting a lawyer from its Dallas office, Joel Held.  Incredibly as of Monday afternoon, no national media (or local for that matter) has picked up on the story.  Our staff was in the courthouse last week as the case was being deliberated.  We'll have more next week.  For now, Philip Thomas at Mississippi Litigation Review is the only other news.


Covington County - Obese high school football player (6'5 290) cleared for practice by a nurse at a physical.  Died of heat stroke the next day at practice.  Estate sued the nurse.  $750,000 verdict.  Court set it aside, finding player had withheld information to the nurse about his significant cardiac history.


Lee County Chancery Court Judge Talmadge Littlejohn held a lawyer in contempt today for refusing to cite the Pledge of Allegiance in open court.  The lawyer was jailed for four hours. The judge's order Local news story with mugshot Commentary from Philip Thomas on this situation.


Mississippi Lawyer, Robert Germany, MS, prosecuted a Novartis drug case to trial today in New Jersey.  Plaintiff alleged she suffered bone damage secondary to the use of Aredia.  Defense verdict repot.  Bloomberg report here.


Philip Thomas reviews the Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter today in his outstanding blog on Mississippi litigation.  The review is here.  And if you don't bookmark his blog, you're missing out.


The Mississippi Supreme Court reversed a $3,000,000 negligent security death verdict on Friday finding that expert proof from a Jackson police official was false.

The Supreme Court Opinion

The story in the Clarion-Ledger


The premiere issue of the Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter is . . . out there.  Check it out at Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter - November 2010

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