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For the first time and in just one publication, there are summaries of virtually every civil jury verdict that has been returned in the federal system.  Not just big verdicts -- Not just big jurisdictions -- Every verdict of every sort is included. 

The FedJVR is a subscription publication.  To read the full issue, it's time to subscribe.  Subscribing is easy.  Simply print and complete the order form and return it with your check for $269.00.  Want to pay by credit card?  Call us at 502-339-8794 and we'd be happy to help.  [PDF versions are also available.]

What's the media saying about the Federal Jury Verdict Reporter?  Click the following link for our first online review -- The FedJVR reviewed

About the Federal Jury Verdict Reporter

The Federal Jury Verdict Reporter is a different kind of jury verdict reporting service.  Most importantly, for the first time ever, there is a single publication that brings the story of the federal civil trial system to the reader.  That means are subscribers can read about every products liability case -- every aviation trial -- every race discrimination trial.  The list is as endless as the rubric of federal claims and related pendant state-law claims.

Who are we? Our staff is made up lawyers who do nothing but read, research and write about civil jury verdicts.  Since 1997, we've published a variety of state-specific jury verdict reporters.  This represents our first national venture and the timing couldn't be better.  Never before has there been a national resource that brings the entire federal jury verdict system to your fingertips.

Besides being as comprehensive and detailed as possible in writing our reports,  the Federal Jury Verdict Reporter also endeavors to be timely. It is our intention that in most cases, you’ll be reading about these verdicts for the first time.  While out of our many verdicts each month, you may have heard of one or two cases, (you may have even tried one), there is no other source with complete coverage.

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